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Sunday Morning 2017-10-29

Les lectures d’aquesta setmana.

Mariano Fernández Enguita: “S’ha de pacificar l’educació”

En març de 2017 va presentar a la Subcomissió d’Educació del Congrés dels Diputats el document Un compromiso razonable para un pacto educativo útil, en el qual aborda alguns dels problemes més conflictius de la història de l’educació espanyola, com ara la presència de la religió en l’escola, la comprehensivitat de l’educació o el paper del professorat, sempre tractant els conflictes sense complaure ningú i acompanyant cada diagnòstic amb una proposta de solució.

Los planes más delirantes de Amazon para su flota de drones repartidores

Colmenas, espionaje, lanzamiento de paquetes…

How Money Became the Measure of Everything

Two centuries ago, America pioneered a way of thinking that puts human well-being in economic terms.

Catalonia plots digital government in exile in bid for independence

Estonia – already the world’s most digitally advanced society – plans eight data embassies that will each store copies of the government’s critical data to reboot in the case of physical or cyber attack. The first embassy, based in a cage in a high-security data centre in Betzdorf, Luxembourg, comes online at the start of 2018.

The Original ‘Nightmare’ Was a Demon That Sat on Your Chest and Suffocated You

Maere, mara, mahr, mahrt, mårt—by any name, it was and still is a terrifying visitor […] something known to sneak into people’s rooms at night, plop down on their bodies, and give them bad dreams […] the victim would feel a heavy weight […] and lose the ability to move.

13 things I learned from six years at the Guardian – Mary Hamilton

About data, people, platforms, quality journalism, transparency and complexity…

How Social Media Endangers Knowledge

…the web created an alternative space that threatened television’s grip on society. Social networks, though, have since colonized the web for television’s values.

Una aplicación inconstitucional del artículo 155

Joaquín Urías, profesor de Derecho Constitucional y ex-letrado del Tribunal Constitucional. ¿Una carta blanca para usurpar las competencias de cualquier comunidad autónoma con la que discrepe?

Gilliam’s Dick: A Fictional Review of Ubik

So now, at long last, we finally get to see that lost classic of SF cinema: Terry Gilliam’s hitherto unreleased 1979 adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s classic ’60s science fiction novel UBIK.